Lettuce and Tomatoes

Like so many other people, I need to lose weight. I have aches and pains in so many of my joints due to years of various injuries from various ‘accidents’. I have been told by my doctor that I must lose weight as I am also borderline diabetic.  

Over the past few months I have been trying to lose weight. It is difficult. My husband also loves his food. That doesn’t help! If I mention food, he jumps up and either goes to our kitchen to locate the ‘goods’ or he offers to go to the shop to purchase the said item. Really, not helpful.

I have tried to explain to my husband that being so generous and wanting to make me happy by offering me food I like – but should not be eating – is not unlike offering a drug addict who is trying to kick the habit – drugs!

Without a proper support system in place, it becomes a constant uphill battle to achieve what seems basically to be unachievable. What is even worse is that I am a vegetarian. Many uninformed people believe if you are either vegetarian or vegan, you should be thin. Like I said, that is the uninformed. Of course, one would be very thin if one only eats vegetables. However, there are many foods suitable for vegetarians that are not necessarily low in calories.

So as I was saying, my doctor has not really said anything that I didn’t already know at this point. But then! He says to me that I should only eat lettuce and tomatoes, apples and oranges. I kid you not! Although he did say that the nuts and seeds I have also been eating are acceptable but the low cal yoghurts and the skim milk and almond milk are no good. I tried to argue the point that I do read the labels and check the calories, fats and so forth. To this he fobbed me off and said, “I don’t trust the labels”.

Apparently, if I eat lettuce and tomatoes, apples and oranges I will lose weight and my pain will go away…..even the pain I have in my wrist – which you can see the swollen and protruding bones.

I live in constant pain. Now I am going to live in constant lettuce and tomatoes, apples and oranges!

Perhaps I need to find a new doctor…..