Immigration and Immigrants – Why has it all become such a huge problem?

I am an immigrant to this country called Australia. My parents and siblings were all immigrants to this country we call home. We moved to this country for a better life. We moved to this country to get away from the things we did not like in our homeland. We accepted this Christian country as our own. We are not Christians. We do not try and change this country to resemble the country we left behind. We left the homeland behind for a reason. Why did you leave your homeland behind?

At our school assembly, the Australian flag was raised in the quadrangle. We sang the Australian national anthem. We had students from different backgrounds. There were students that were Asian, Greek, Italian, African, Australian, South American and some other nationalities that I am not sure where they were from. We were multicultural when I was growing up in this beautiful country of ours.

So why is it that there are some nationalities that come out to this amazing country of ours and attempt to turn it into the cesspool they left behind? Why is it they decided they no longer liked to live in their own country? Why is it they believe their backward and shortsightedness should be embraced by those that do not think the same way as they do. How arrogant and philistine is it that these immigrants believe they do not have to respect the laws of this generous country of ours. But! They expect citizens of this fabulous country, to lower themselves and accept their archaic, barbaric and unjust ways.

I believe if any immigrant is not willing to accept the laws and customs of a country they have willingly moved to, they should be promptly assisted to return to their homeland which they obviously greatly miss.

When the decision to immigrate is made, it is not simply a matter of ‘I have thrown enough faeces around my home it is time to spread the plague elsewhere.’

Immigration is an important part of growing our society. It is also a great responsibility, not only for our government but one which society’s members also need to accept. It is not ok, to simply let people into this wonderful country, which seems to be turning toxic and going down the gurgler somewhat. It is essential that new immigrants are assisted and supported (not financially) to assimilate into the Australian culture. It is important that these individuals and families are assisted to understand the importance of being Australian. It is important to the future of this southern land, that we all respect our fellow human beings; as well as all living creatures.

Do no harm to others.

picture credit: Kaique Rocha