Bad Pollies – Part Three

For the hardened pollies, all their Christmases had come at once, in the form of electoral fraud charges against Hanson in 2003. She was jailed and spent 11 weeks behind bars before her appeal saw her conviction quashed. Although there appeared to be no love lost between Pauline Hanson, other politicians and the media, the sentence that was handed down by the District Court of Queensland was widely criticised in the media. Some politicians also condemned the sentence as ‘being too harsh’.

There is also the added putdown, jeers and outright repugnant behaviour towards that infamous, ‘please explain’ moment. Why was it, or at least it seemed to be, such a laughable moment by media, politicians and the ‘snooty brigade’ alike? I have no doubt that it was a deliberate ploy to make Hanson look uneducated. The point is she does lack education. But! so do many others within our population. And for various reasons. Was this, in such a public display of superiority by the journalist, her way of putting the less educated populace in their ‘rightful’ place? Or was this a show of dominance over the person being interviewed by a journo wanting to ‘strut her stuff’? Perhaps it was a deliberate message to the rest of the population pushing them back into their pigeonholes just in case they were getting any ideas that they were permitted to rise above their current station in life?

I put it to you, is it not better to ask, so that you might learn? Or should we all pretend to know everything? I remember the journalist who asked the question that prompted that response from Ms Hanson was female. But that doesn’t matter. Female. Male. Everyone seemed to be out to get this greenhorn pollie.

Don’t misunderstand, I have never voted for Pauline Hanson. I am not here to write about the unjust treatment of one politician over another. What I am investigating through personal knowledge and secondary research, is the conduct of our Aussie politicians.

There is no such thing as giving someone a ‘fair go’ when it comes to politics. The image comes to mind of a pack of hyenas hunting their prey. Once they have taken down the prey, the feast commences with the vultures attempting to get in on the action without having to do any of the work. There is little, if any, assistance for the defenceless prey, while everyone stands on the outskirts watching the takedown with a shrug of the shoulders and a sense of ‘oh well, never mind’.

We, as a country, were once envied by much of the world’s population. Now we are a laughing stock. Why? It would seem, that our politicians are simply out of control.

Since Prime Minister John Howard lost office, after 12 years in government, it all seems to have gone downhill. Howard was our 2nd longest reigning PM and had power since March 1996 through to December 2007.


Bad Pollies is a six part series written by Rielle Moises –