Bad Pollies – Part Six

Bad pollies! In front of the cameras and behind the scenes.

I admit I was a member of a political party. Once upon a time. And then I quit. I had no aspirations to become a member of parliament. At the time I felt passionate about supporting policies and principles I thought were similar to my own. I was wrong. Very wrong. It is definitely about, whom you know, not what you know. Or perhaps who you are willing to sell your soul to and for how much. I found the level of ‘wheeling and dealing’ not to my liking. And talk about ‘chucking tantrums’! I came to understand that the amount of ‘niceness’ is directly related to how valuable or ‘useable’ you are. Unless you are in the ‘inner circle’ you do not actually hear from anyone until they have found some use for you. And even then, you only hear from them when you are needed to do, what it is you do.

I got tired of being ‘useful’.

In Australia, it is compulsory to vote. DO NOT waste your vote. You have a great privilege in your ability to vote”. Over the years I have heard so many people say, “I got my name marked off”, “I wrote Mickey Mouse”, “I didn’t choose any one of those f@#*ing bastards”.  Well then, don’t complain when Australia continues to go downhill. If you cannot be bothered to find out the facts about continue to let the media, your family, your friends, or even your co-workers tell you whom you should vote for, then you deserve the government you get.

Be mindful when any politician focuses on the negatives of their opponent. Be very mindful of that. It usually indicates, that particular politician and his or her party have nothing to actually offer you for your vote.

If you vote for one of the minor parties, find out who they will be siding with. As Australia is a two-party preferred system, the minor parties will need to vote with one of the major parties. Whom will they be selling their votes to?  Although in recent times some of the minor parties have been growing in voter support, until they become a more powerful entity in themselves, they will not be able to ‘take power’ as such. As the minor parties start to increase their presence with voters’ support, changes will be seen. Many people seem to think they need to vote for either Labor or the Coalition (Liberal and Nationals) but that is not the case. As the major parties start to lose power and the support of voters decline, changes will be noticed within this country.

When you next vote, think carefully about what you are doing. Do not simply accept what you are being told by politicians. Do your research. Ask questions. Because your vote does matter. After all, you would not reward a child, a co-worker or a burglary for bad behaviour, would you? Don’t reward our bad pollies for their behaviour.


Bad Pollies is a six part series written by Rielle Moises –