Bad Pollies Part One

I am guessing that perhaps you might be one of the majority of the population that doesn’t like politicians. Unless of course, you are a politician or your ‘substantial other’ is one, then perhaps your opinion of politicians may be somewhat different. Perhaps not, if your ‘substantial other’ has been one of those pollies that have been stabbed in the back.

Politicians are such lying two-faced, back-stabbing, double-standard hypocrites. But I guess you might have already figured that out. This seems to be pretty much worldwide. How can some of these politicians sleep at night?

They lie to each other. They lie to the voters. They lie to themselves. They engage in dirty tactics to get themselves elected within their party, so they can then get elected to government, whether federal or state or local. They convince themselves that they are doing the best for the country but in fact, the ‘best’ they are doing is for themselves, perhaps for their families and definitely for their ‘mates’. They wheel and deal and negotiate in order to secure and maintain their seat. They tell us if they get voted in (or voted back in) at the next election then they will follow through on their already overdue and diluted promises. They never really seem to follow through. Do they? However, this is not really what I wanted to talk about.

Politicians all seem to jump on the bandwagon when it comes to bullying …. and racism …. and wages …. and retirement policies …. religious extremists …. and …. and …. and. But they again, fail to follow-through. They fail to commit to what they say. It appears that these are simply hollow words that continually expel themselves from their mouths without any meaning or substance. Akin to white noise – the sound produced by combining all the different frequencies of sound together, at the same time.

For decades, politicians behaved badly towards each other. Nothing is said. They openly belittle and verbally abuse each other, not only in parliament, (all you need to do is watch question time), but also in front of the media for everyone to see. They think they look ‘clever’ for their tirades, insults, putdowns and the ‘strutting’. The female pollies are really no better. They behave just as bad if not worse without a second thought or attempt to change the culture that is fostering negativity, rudeness and outright bad manners.

Julie Bishop – all well and good for her to ‘call out’ bullying in politics but didn’t that happen only after she lost her very powerful political position? She has gone from our most powerful woman to a back-bencher with not much to do and a lot of time on her hands. No more jet-setting and hob-knobbing with other powerful world-leaders.

In early September 2018, Ms Bishop spoke at the Women’s Weekly 2018 Women of the Future Award. She talked about having seen, witnessed and even experienced bullying in politics. She also tells of how, as a managing partner of a law firm 20 years ago, she would have never accepted such behaviour in the workplace. Well, why did she accept it in the political arena? What did she do to change the culture? Was she so determined to climb over the top of all the ‘bullies’ to snatch the top job that she said and did nothing until she was toppled?   Blind Fred could see that the equilibrium was not equal.


Bad Pollies is a six part series written by Rielle Moises –