Bad Pollies – Part Five

Who the hell was Peter Dutton anyway! Well, so glad you asked. I had no idea who Dutton was until his mug was plastered all over the news!

Now, the man that wanted the top job and set the gears in motion to oust Malcolm Turnbull is, or rather, was the Homes Affairs Minister – Peter Dutton. Outside his own party, I am not sure that too many ‘average Australians’ would have been able to identify him in a police line-up. I am not saying that he has any kind of criminal activity in his past, present or future (well, not outside the boundaries of the law anyway). He challenged Turnbull for the position of Leader of the Liberal Party – and failed. Three days after this internal Liberal Party attack on the leadership, a petition was presented to Malcolm Turnbull. The petition called for a ‘party room meeting’. Turnbull decided it was time to bow-out when the ‘spill motion’ succeeded. He did not stand, in an attempt to retain his job, what would have been the point of that anyway?

For those who may not be au fait with the term ‘spill motion’, ‘leadership spill’ or simply ‘spill’ when it comes to politics, it means that a declaration has been made that the leadership of a parliamentary party (which is also known as a caucus) is vacant and open for re-election.

There were three people that put their hand up to be considered for the position in the subsequent leadership ballot, Julie Bishop, Peter Dutton and Scott Morrison. Well, we know who won that.

How can we not be a laughing stock?

Our politicians behave badly. Very badly. They have the audacity, when a child takes their own life, to tell the nation that bullying needs to stop. Yes! It does need to stop! Yet, they continue to act like bullies and carry-on with misogynistic-behaviour. Politicians need to lead by example.

Stop putting your opponent down and making out as though they have nothing good to offer. Why don’t you focus on what YOU and your party have to offer? Is this because it would be very obvious you actually have nothing? It is easier to refocus the masses onto someone else and their ‘wrong doings’ instead of keeping the focus on yourself because then it might be more noticeable that your wrong-doings are far greater than your opponents.

For those of you who may not be aware, the next election must be held by 18 May 2019. This is for half of the State Senators. For the House of Representative and Territory Senator it needs to be either on or before 2 November 2019.

Australia has had too many prime ministers in the last 10 years.


Bad Pollies is a six part series written by Rielle Moises –