Are we really, as human beings, the superior race we seem to think we are?

Perhaps a better description of our species is simply that we are arrogant and not much else.

We seriously need to take a good hard look at ourselves. Compared to other species, we are self-absorbed, destructive towards ourselves as well as others, we disrespect everyone and everything, we kill – mainly for the sake of killing, we are hypocrites, we rejoice in the suffering of others, we feel entitled, we use and abuse – even the ones we supposedly love, we destroy, we blame others for our misery, we do not take responsibility for our own actions and stupidity, we lie, we cheat, we undermine and we are lazy. We treat all other living, breathing species as creatures of little consequence.

We invade other creatures’ homes and we are outraged when they attack us. In recent months there were two people attacked by shark(s) within days of each other on the Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia. What did the authorities do? They started killing sharks. They had no idea which shark had carried out the attacks. The authorities had no idea if in did it was the same shark both times. BUT! The authorities thought it prudent to slaughter these creatures, in their own ocean environment because two humans had been attacked. The authorities were determined to seek their revenge on sharks by killing indiscriminately. This, in an insane logic to rid the area of a ‘man-eater’. Once they killed a shark, they would then be able to measure their mouth in order to ascertain guilt by matching injuries to jaw-size.

We, as a society, have no qualms about putting down several creatures because one or two people are maimed, yet we have mass murderers, serial rapists and paedophiles that we must treat ‘humanely’ because they have ‘rights’. It makes no sense to me.

Is it because we do not speak the same language as other creatures, that it is easier to disregard their feelings, their needs? We certainly do not treat creatures that have done absolutely nothing wrong towards humans with any humanity.

Male chicks hatch and they are destroyed with no second thought. Why? Because they are not worth any money to the owners of the hatchery. They have, literally, no worth so their life is cut short. Depending on where the hatchery is located, these new borns while still alive are gassed or crushed or incinerated or thrown out like garbage and left to starve to death.

Yes. Please tell me we are the superior race.

The dairy industry, rips away the new born calf from its mother only days sometimes hours after they are born in order for us to have milk. The cries of the mothers are horrific. I know, I used to live near a farm. The cries would go on day and night. It would last for days on end. The female calves are ‘looked after’ until they can be impregnated and then the cycle starts again. The male calves are either sent to slaughter or are fattened up quickly and then slaughtered for human consumption.

There will be more to come over the next few weeks….