Women who dared to push for change – we thank you.
Women who dared to push for change – we thank you.
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“My Crazy Dysfunctional Immigrant Family”

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My Crazy Dysfunctional Immigrant Family

I love this book

I love this book. It's told with heart and soul and it just makes you laugh and shake your head at the same time. An easy and addictive read that so many people can relate to.
- Miss Ell

The author told her difficult story

Rielle Moises told her story, as difficult as I'm sure it was, to remind parents that they are not always right; No one is. The effect that this had on this lady was very long lasting. We all have to overcome the failures of our parents even the best of parents. In the time period of her childhood there was not much known about mental and emotional abuse, but this does not mean that it did not exist. The author gives a vivid account of her life from her view point as a child growing up with parents who never gave her a chance to explain anything. Yet punished her harshly. Rielle wrote her story in captivating manner. I would like to thank the author for giving the definitions of Aussie words in the beginning of the book. It was very helpful since I am not Aussie.
- Jane

Let it shine!

A raw look at the way parenting or lack of it impacts a child’s sociological development. A possible trigger for those of us who have also ‘suffered’ childhood trauma from bullying within and without the family unit. Rielle lays bare her soul and shines light on the skeletons of hurt and regret in a thought provoking look at HER story.
- Vicki Happ

A must read

The real life happenings brought back memories of my childhood and how different to my parents I feel about the world and the people in it. Trust, respect, love & communication are the things that we all need to grow. Treat others as you want them to treat you always.
- Nadia McCabe

Light on Shadow

All children learn through difficulties they face growing up. Sometimes the lessons are harder than they need to be and the difficulties unnecessary. This is a candid memoir about growing up in a difficult family, told with a humour that endears the author to the reader, and also with understanding of what circumstances may have shaped the other side of the story.
- Ingrid Pulley

Light and addictive reading

We all learn throughout our lives and I think almost everyone that reads this story will have memories that will come back. Some funny and some not. Everyone should read this story especially parents, yes children do have memories (long ones) It is our memories that affect our lives even though some may not realise it but it is how we live and react in our adult lives. Looking forward to the next book.

A must read memoir

If you love memoirs you will enjoy this book. Written from the authors recollections and point of view, it gives us an insight on how childhood trauma can stay with us throughout our life, and the link between childhood traumas and mental health issues in adulthood. For the author as a shy, anxious child; bullying, threats, physical harm, fear and emotional abuse were all the order of the day. You could be forgiven for assuming this all happened in the school yard, however this was happening within her own home, while hugs, affection and encouraging words were lacking. As a young adult things did not improve. To quote the author “my life was about doing, saying and being what would make my parents look good in the eyes and opinions of others,” her own aspirations and happiness did not seem important or to matter at all. Rielle Moises writes this book, in her own words “to try to make sense of what has been for such a longtime, a senseless situation.” She writes her story with heart felt honesty, passion and a good splash of humour. While Rielle emphasises the fact that her story is written from her own perspective and point of view, it is clear what she wants us to take away from her experiences. Be kind to each other, help others without any expectation of reward, treat others how you would like to be treated, but mostly do no harm to others. Parents, tell our children you love them, hug them often, talk to them and encourage them, and let them have a voice. I’m hoping there will be a sequel to this book, if there is I will be reading it.
- Kerry Holenstein

Keeping it real.

Rielle Moises recreated a world many can relate to with sparkly humour plus a good dose of plot twists and turns. Clearly there will be more in the next book.
- Suzanne Bagster

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